• Points & Pints is a co-ed doubles game using low-compression red balls on an 18’x36’ court. One match consists of 3 games.

  • Each game is won by the team that scores 7 points first.

  • Team rankings are determined by most total games won.

  • The ball must be served underhanded (no overhead serves), swinging the racquet below the waist. The server must be behind the baseline, keep both feet on the ground, and must hit the ball out of the air, before the bounce, to start the point.

  • You only get one attempt at a successful serve. If you miss, you lose the point. (No double faults)

  • On the serve, the ball must reach your opponent’s side of the court and land anywhere between the net and the singles line. The server is not required to serve crosscourt.

  • The returning team must let the ball bounce on the serve before returning.

  • Each time your team gains possession of the ball, you must alternate who serves.

General Rules
  • To begin play, spin the racquet to determine which team gets the first serve.

  • Each time you hit the ball, it must travel upward before coming back down (i.e.- you must achieve an arc, preventing smashing/spiking shots). If this is violated, offending team loses the point.

  • Point can only be scored by the serving team. The receiving team’s goal is to thwart the serving team’s attempt for the point.

  • The serving team continues to serve until the server faults.

  • During the point, teams must alternate who strikes the ball. I.e.- John & Jane are on a team. John hits the ball. When it comes back across the net, Jane must return it. This alternating must continue during the point.

  • Any disruption outside of play will be deemed a ‘let’ (includes ball clipping the net). Play all lets. However, if the ball hits a player’s body, that player’s team loses the point.

  • No part of the player’s body or racquet is permitted to cross the plane of the net. Such a violation will result in a fault.

  • You may not hit the ball more than once in a single stroke, (i.e. no carrying/double hits).

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