What is Points & Pints?

Are you looking for an opportunity to start playing tennis? Would you like to meet new people and get great exercise at the same time? Never played tennis before? Perfect, join Points & Pints!


Points & Pints is a relaxed, social tennis league for entry level players. Participants will warm up with some light cardio, play a few friendly mixed doubles matches, and then head to a nearby restaurant after play for some social time.


Simplified scoring, compact court size, and lower compression balls make this five-week mixed doubles league easy for anyone to pick up. So what are you waiting for? We'll see you on the courts!

Who Plays Points & Pints


All players must be 21 or older. As for players, anyone who is interested in trying a new way of playing tennis and meeting some new people along the way is welcome!



P&P is played on a 36’ short court with low-compression red balls and a standard racquet. Co-ed doubles teams face off in match play. Each match is made up of 3 games. Each game is won by the first team to reach 7 points. Team mates are required to alternate turns striking the ball during each point, so we’ll keep you on your toes!


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